Our aims

In the LöwenKIDS study, we want to find out what influence infections (e.g. respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases) and vaccinations in the first years of life have on the development of chronic diseases. For example, we consider the frequency, severity and duration of episodes.

In the first years of life, the immune system undergoes a very intensive development in which infectious diseases may play a major role. Therefore, we are investigating how changes made to the immune system have an effect on the development of chronic diseases such as allergies, asthma or
diabetes mellitus. Additionally, our research focuses on the possible protective influence of microorganisms such as the intestinal flora.

As part of the LöwenKIDS study, we therefore want to be part of a children’s life in order to observe their immune systems’ development over several years. Especially common childhood infections like colds or gastrointestinal diseases are important for our research. Those diseases may not be serious enough for parents to seek medical attention for their children. That’s why we try to make the observational process as simple as possible for our partaking parents.